About Us

Financial Recoveries, Inc. is a company whose two managing directors possess over 45 combined years of direct accounts payable management, general accounting and audit/recovery experience that spans several industries. Exposure to finance and loss prevention in his previous career led founder Ralph Tulio to recognize a need for a deeply analytic service to help companies restore their bottom line and improve profit retention. Financial Recoveries Inc. was then founded along with the development of Profit Source, proprietary data-mining software that enables analysis of financial data in multiple dimensions to reveal lost profits.

Financial Recoveries suite of services includes comprehensive, "worry and cost-free" recovery audits of accounts payable disbursements as well as potential sales/use tax recoveries, property and equipment leases, real estate contracts and other areas of financial and operational business sectors in search for lost profits. We endeavor to address every potential area of operations where profit-loss can occur. Additionally, every client project entails an assessment of current loss strategies, description of best practices, and recommendations for process improvement.

Financial Recoveries recognizes that satisfied clients are paramount to its success and has worked hard to develop a service that addresses each client's particular business climate, industry and vendor relationships. The company stands by its work; clients pay nothing unless lost profits are recovered. In fact, working with Financial Recoveries requires virtually no up-front investment since clients' staff-time, on a typical 12 to 14 week project, averages less than ten combined hours. As long as it has full autonomy to the physical AP records, Financial Recoveries works with full independence from client operations allowing the client to channel its resources to more immediate task at hand.

Financial Recoveries, Inc. Profit Recovery and Consulting info@finrecinc.com