How we are different from the rest...

Financial Recoveries provides a deeply analytic, client-sensitive profit recovery service that stands out from the competition. Overpayments we recover, almost without exception, would otherwise remain undiscovered - and best of all, recovered funds are recognized as pure profit since the claims stem from previous years' transactions.

Unique analytical software - Our proprietary Profit Source software was designed for profit recovery. Developed by Financial Recoveries' managing directors, who have extensive client-side management experience in financial operations, Profit Source facilitates a higher level of investigation by promoting analysis of client data in numerous dimensions and according to multiple "what if" scenarios. Data transfer is electronic, thus saving time and eliminating human errors that can cause losses to go undiscovered.

First-hand client-side experience - Financial Recoveries understands first-hand the demands and the nature of the corporate financial environment and have thus developed an invisible project management style. Client staff-time requirements on a two-to-four month project are typically 10 combined hours or less.

Tenured auditors - Many smaller companies can't afford an internal audit team. In larger companies, audit is generally limited to procedural review and turnover averages only two years. Thus, risk assessment and controls can be superficial and are frequently inconsistent. With more than 40 years of combined experience, Financial Recoveries brings tenure and a fresh perspective to its clients to enliven their profit-securing processes and procedures.

Sensitivity to vendors - Having represented corporations in defining and managing vendor relationships, we are sensitive to those of our clients.

No up-front investment - There is no cost or obligation to utilize our services. Fees are structured as a contingency payment that is triggered when the client reaps the final benefit: restoration of profits.

Invisible project management style - Our process and our presence are self-contained. As long as we have autonomy with regard to the client's historical disbursement files and vendors, we operate without disruption to daily operations.

Built-in process improvement counsel - We believe that profit recoveries must lead to corporate process improvement. All of our clients receive an operational and procedural assessment as well as best practice recommendations for improvement.

Financial Recoveries, Inc. Profit Recovery and Consulting